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Tribe Hub

Every general and special ops team needs a map - this is it. Zoom in and out between Tribe (Domain) and Team maps to check the health of the team and code assets.

A Tribe map is generated for each of your tribes. It visualizes:

  • What modules(assets) team is responsible for;

  • Size of each module;

  • Key health metrics for the team, codebase, and processes;

Directors of engineering, Engineering managers get visibility and key metrics for governance, and strategic planning:

  • Cycle time & Throughput (Part of DORA);

  • Team autonomy;

  • Factual ownership grade within assigned modules;

  • Impact by type: New code, Churn, Maintenance;

  • Complexity and size of the assigned modules;

All pivotable by team or granular per module. It is a perfect tool to:

  1. Balance load and responsibility areas between your teams;

  2. Make decisions for further decoupling or team structure changes; 

  3. Check the overall health of your tribe;

Find rich context in one click on the map:

  • Go into Module Map, to get a map, insights, and review changes made to this asset;

  • Go into the Decoupling tool, to get an interactive map of all changes teams made in the selected period.

  • Zoom in to Team Hub to see detailed insights for your team;

  • Zoom out into All Modules to see a bigger picture.

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This page was last revised on January 19, 2023

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