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Ethics & Compliance

Who can submit a report

Report can be submitted by Codigy employees, applicants, contractors and any other people we have a business relationship with

What will happen after submission

You will receive a ticket ID that will allow you track results of our investigation

Thank you taking care of Codigy

Ethics & compliance is important for a sustainable business, thank you helping us improve ourselves❤

Report an incident

Notes about the form:

If you decide to include your identity along with your report, you can request confidentiality;

It is preferred to identify yourself when submitting a report. Knowing the identity will help to conduct an effective investigation and choose appropriate actions.

We recognize that some people may feel more comfortable reporting a suspected violation anonymously. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may do so (to the extent allowed by local law), and Codigy will use reasonable efforts to protect your confidentiality subject to applicable law, rule, or regulation or any applicable legal proceedings.

Codigy may not have sufficient information to investigate or evaluate the allegation, especially if the report was made anonymously. To minimize such occurrences, you should provide as much detail as reasonably necessary to allow Codigy to evaluate the matter(s) set forth in the anonymous report and, if appropriate, commence and conduct an appropriate investigation.

Alternative ways of reporting:

In writing by email to ethics@codi.gy (Anonymity will depend on the email address you use);

Form or email are preferred methods, but you may also send an anonymous message by mail, addressed to:
Ethics and Compliance
Codigy, UAB
A.Jaksto g.9 Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-01105
Suite 346

Check status of your report

This page was last revised on January 29, 2023

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A.Jaksto g.9 Vilnius, Lithuania

Suite 346

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