Actionable analytics that CTO's and their teams use to move faster

Codigy analyzes codebase, team, and processes through historical Git data to help your engineering teams get rid of inefficiencies and improve maintenability.

Best for:

10 +

Active developers on your team


Practicing teams

High workload

Large or multiple products

Find bottlenecks in your processes

Set goals for your team, track and investigate anomalies.

Shorten your release cycle:

  • Find bottlenecks in the branch lifespan stages;
  • Optimize your scope and balance workload;

Improve your team culture:

  • Eradicate abandoned branches;
  • Tidy-up chaotically named branches that don't comply with your branching strategy;

Optimize your codebase for fast releases

Ever wondered how much time your team is losing by working in hard-to-maintain files? Analyze developer confidence, historical ties between files and architectural antipatterns to remove roadblocks from your path!

Data drive your refactoring to improve maintainability:

  • Manage oversized files in a timely fashion;
  • Tackle files with odd-dependencies;
  • Keep an eye on overcrowded files;

Ensure long term product resilience:

  • See how much of your codebase is in lost knowledge;
  • Find files with no defined owners to improve your bus factor;

Healthier engineering culture

Improve your team habits:

• Track active days to avoid burnouts and ensure daily commits;

• Investigate Churn and TTP 100 alerts to see if a team member needs training or your task management requires improvement;

• Check contribution type to find micro contributors and plan knowledge sharing activities;

Smoothen your processes and workload:

• Developer with many simultaneously open PR's will indicate anomalies in your processes;

• Developer who is simultaneously active in lots of feature-branches will help you find task management issues;  

Get insights every week

Don’t have time to monitor the dashboard? Get the gist about your products in an insightful weekly report!  

Boost knowledge sharing through the engineer’s confidence map

  • Find file owner to get an accurate consultation and make an informed management decision;
  • See who on your team needs help and training;  

Invest time in what really matters

• Find the most dangerous pull requests, branches & commits using scariness and impact metrics;

• Setup a review goal to auto-assign a reviewer best suited for release safety or knowledge sharing;  

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