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Next-gencollaboration experience for 👇

Software Engineering Teams

Visualize the relationship
between teams and the codebase

Codigy understands your codebase structure and the organization of your tribes and teams. Team ownership is mapped onto modules in the codebase👇

Don't yet have formal modules in your product?

Codigy will help you cut codebase of any size into modules - learn how.

Spot architecture antipatterns & tech debt that makes your work harder

Build a fast & resilient codebase with analytical insights. Select refactoring targets that will improve the daily experience of your team:

Oversized files

Coupled files

Shared files

Files without a defined owner

Lost knowledge

Key principles of Codigy Codebase Analysis

Track your decoupling progress & microservice readiness

Autonomous architecture with clearly defined owners is the way to go for safe, high-speed product growth🤘 Codigy will evaluate the current state and help you track your efforts👇

Why autonomous architecture is important

More features faster - or time to stabilize? 🤔

A notorious tradeoff for every engineering team. Use Codigy to evaluate the situation on the fly & get visible data to convey your opinion to non-tech colleagues:

Measure how refactoring & decoupling efforts are improving your workspace

Cycle time & throughput are calculated for each module and overall area of responsibility of the Team & Tribe.

These DORA metrics will help you:
→ Evaluate the impact your refactoring or decoupling efforts had on the delivery process;
→ Evaluate the situation and select priorities objectively;

Relation of Codebase & Delivery flow

Spot collaboration anti-patterns that mess up your day

Engineering is difficult enough. Multitasking due to shifted priorities, reviewing huge PR's - don't add to comfort 😅
Build a smooth process. Review issues spotted by Codigy and come up with solutions.

More about Process Health mechanics

Observed in 30 days:



Multitasking events


2 Features per engineer

Observed in 30 days:



Oversized PR's


500 loc per PR

Observed in 30 days:



Stale features


14 D. without activity

Augment meetings with facts 👇

The quality of the retrospectives depends on the preparation. Codigy prepares facts for your team meetings:
→ Fact is a fact, Codigy is not shy or forgetful. If it impacted your team - you need to see it.
→ Track the progress and spot new trends with delta showing a change from a previous period.
→ Compiles automatically, leaving more time for analysis discussion.

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Analytical insights for:

Engineering Teams

Engineering Leaders


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