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Reports and Alerts

Reports & alerts are a big part of the team acceleration cycle🚀

How? Get the right insights on time to:

  • Avoid known process breakers like Multitasking, Large PRs or Idle tasks;

  • Track the success of your teams & identify process bottlenecks;

  • Help the newcomers adjust to your team culture faster;

Summary of all the juicy insights from three analytical lenses of Codigy: People, Processes, Codebase.

Helps your team identify good practices and spot areas for improvements:

  1. Lists team accomplishments during the last sprint - including the states of all branches and proportion of new work and maintenance.

  2. Shows release cycle speed with the breakdown by stage. 

  3. Highlights team member contribution, workload, and review process cultural standards.

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A younger brother of Sprint retrospective report. Delivers an insightful overview of the previous day and helps to plan ahead.

Helps team move without blockers in the next 24 hours:

1. Status of any unresolved branches from previous days

2. Lists what is currently in the works

3. Engineers confidence levels in the active branches

4. Any process breakers detected in the previous days

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Large PR makes Peer Review less effective & increases the chances of defects. Codigy will:

  • Inform the engineer if the branch total approaches the limit configured by the team;

  • Inform the Team lead in case a Large PR slipped through;

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If we want to stay on our delivery schedule we better avoid multitasking. Codigy will immediately inform the Team lead in case such an event was detected.

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A feature branch is sitting there without changes for a while? Codigy will send out a reminder to the owner of the branch. In case that doesn't help, we will ping the Team leader.

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This page was last revised on March 3, 2021

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