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Holisticimprovement engine for πŸ‘‡

Software Engineering Leaders

X-Ray your Engineering organization

Automated, holistic improvement engine that gives you visibility & supplies your teams with data for continuous self-improvement:

πŸ‘‰ Understand how things are going with 3 grades

πŸ‘‰ Get deep holistic context to investigate & identify root-cause

🀘 Track improvement over time with reports

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Drive improvement with
clear goals & strong culture

Set goals for your entire Engineering organization πŸ‘‡


How easy is it to change & maintain our codebase?

Grade 4.3

+0.31 in 90 days

Review tech debt hotspots

Q3 Goal:

Maintain 4.0 grade



How accurate are our plans?

11.4 Monthly dispersion

+1.7 in 90 days

Review scatter plot insights

3.2 Seasonal volatility

-0.1 in 90 days

Review yearly throughput graph

Goal not set



How much time does it take us to deliver a change to the market?

136 Hours

-1.2 H in 90 days

Review inefficient processes

Goal not set



How easily can we onboard new people and scale organization?

87% Culture

+1.2% in 90 days

Review inconsistent cultural patterns

87% Knowledge

+1.2% in 90 days

Review areas of knowledge at risk

Goal not set


Define your culture

Codigy is pre-configured with the most popular patterns, but you can customize them to match your culture πŸ‘‡

Default cultural patterns in use


Runs on automation

Integrate in 15 minutes via the most popular git solutions:




No source code is copied or stored

Language & process agnostic

Say goodbye to multitasking & idle tasks

Ramp-up faster & get rid of cultural anti-patterns with Slack notification & Daily standup reports.

Move fast with autonomous & resilient architecture

Use codebase maps insights to continuously improve your architecture agility & knowledge sharing practices.

Learn more about codebase insights β†’

Analytical insights for:

Engineering Teams

Engineering Leaders


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2024 Code analytics software | Codigy. All Rights Reserved, Codigy UAB Β©