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Whether you are doing a reverse Conway maneuver, restructuring your organization and architecture for further growth, or want to understand the health of your teams - you need proper tooling.

Codigy provides exactly that, a set of tools for engineering leaders to build a data-driven, high-flow, transparent organization with exceptional developer experience:

  • Observe the structure and health of your Engineering;

  • Set cultural standards;

  • Make structural changes;

  • Measure success and impact;

Check the health of your engineering:

Codigy creates visual maps to understand your Engineering on any zoom level and perspective:

Map display assets owned by the entity and factual effort distribution for the period. Key health metrics enrich the map. Together, they give an easy-to-read picture of how things are going and the areas that require the most attention.

  • Cycle time;

  • Throughput;

  • Ownership;

  • Autonomy;

  • Cognitive load in modules assigned to a team;

Making structural changes:

Engineering is about people, technology, and processes. Engineering organization is regularly going through changes in:

  • Organization structure;

  • Codebase architecture;

Large codebase modules keep splitting and decoupling, team ownership patterns and structure changes to reflect that, or vice-versa. 

According to Conway law and Team Topologies, they need to be in sync and constantly adjusted to maintain an optimal delivery flow.

Codigy helps you make informed decisions by providing:

  • Ownership maps and evaluating cognitive load per team;

  • Restructuring teams and tracking their autonomy;

  • Tooling to split modules and track if they were successfully decoupled;

  • Evaluating cycle time, throughput, and team autonomy to confirm that assumptions were successful.

Setting cultural standards

Engineering managers can set Cultural standards using Process health. This will help maintain your culture as your organization scales, and understand areas where improvements are needed.

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This page was last revised on January 23, 2023

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