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Decouple your codebase - make your codebase & teams autonomous


An autonomous codebase with teams that can independently plan & release their work is a great way to accelerate a large organization.


Decoupling a monolith into clean, independent modules is a lengthy process that can take up to a few years. Doesn't matter if your end goal is a well-groomed monolith or microservice architecture.

The downside in doing this without additional tooling is time and the risk of getting an architecture that is even harder to maintain.

How Codigy can help

Codigy helps to map existing modules within your product:

→ First assumptions are generated based on activity patterns of each team;

→ Module map can be redefined and adjusted by hand;

Once the module map is defined, Codigy tracks behaviour patterns in each module to understand:

→ Ownership - what teams own the key knowledge;

→ Activity - what teams are using the files of the module in the daily work;

→ Architectural coupling with other modules - does the team required to touch other areas of the codebase;

These 3 parameters are the basis for Decoupling grade.

Decoupling grade is provided for each module, so you could:

→ Get an overview of the current state & track progress;

→ Select refactoring targets from hotspots to finish your modularization & decoupling effort;

→ Validate success;

Another way to confirm your results is to look at the module from the Process perspective. If we've done a good job improving the architecture of the module, we should see a better Cycle time & Throughput in this module.

Codigy is designed for iterative flow. Weekly reports & dashboard supply teams & tribes with information about their recent impact & high-value targets for refactoring.

This page was last revised on May 11, 2022

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