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The gist

The goal of this lens is to show how easily your codebase accepts changes made by your team.

What I can do with it?
1. Use hard data to select refactoring targets to increase the speed of your team;
2. Evaluate technical debt & risks;


Sort your repositories to find:
1. Highest maintenance activity
2. Highest rework activity

These metrics can indicate where the majority of your refactoring took place. 

We are currently working on a set of indicators that would allow you to see the maintainability score and take preventive measures🐱‍👤 If you have thoughts or requests on this subject, please share them in our Discord community.

Engineers confidence score

It is a summary of how well your engineers know this repository and how well this knowledge is distributed among them🧐

A handy indicator to help you plan the knowledge sharing activities and evaluate long-term threats for your product.

This score comes from the Confidence map where you can find the nitty-gritty details.

This page was last revised on March 3, 2021

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