File details

File details has three major indicators to help you quickly evaluate situation with more accuracy:

Key parameters:

Amount of commits in the last 6 months. Quick and simple indicator of file activity.
Commit frequency
Average amount of commits per week for 6 month period. Gives an understanding of developer habits in this file.
Average commit size
Average number of lines of code in commit. Along with commit frequency, serves as snapshot of developer habits.
Total weight
Total number of lines of code in the file right now. In conjunction with grade and other parameters, it can give an understanding of the file impact on the project.
Average Churn
Average percent of lines of code that were rewritten in the past 6 months.
Code readability metric based on levels of indentation.

List of contributors:

Each file has a detailed list of developers who made commits to this file over the course of last 6 months.

It highlights all contributor types:

  • Owner
  • Significant contributors
  • Ordinary contributors
  • Micro contributors

If file is indicated as lost knowledge it will also be displayed here.

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